Mar 22, 2009

The Kaiserliche Marine Schiff "Mathilda" - Prussian Gunboat


A fine example of the boats that was a common sight during the British-Prussian war of India 1889.

The boat is made from household materials as insulationfoam, cardbord tubing and Svennn The DH Nut's special cardboard rivet strips.

For rules we intend to use our very own blend of "the things we like NOW and then..."

A couple of "concepts" have been discussed:

Troops will be at an advantage if they move and fire in lines. Makes ordering easier, and fire more efficient (in a 1889ish kind of way).

Officers will be crucial to the game and be more free willed. They'll have to take tests to let go of their lust to duel with enemy leaders encountered.

Leaders will take a song of blades and heroes like test to see how many actions they get and can spend them on their troops.

Different actions costs different actions points.. firing cost 1 point... reloading costs another.

Closecombat will generally be less lethal than you'd think... it's going to be more fight and hold until one side runs. A few casualties will sneak in but no wiping the other out in a round or so.

Basic frame for infantry stats and vehicles will be Warhammer 40k 2nd ed. but morale, closecombat will, activation and a couple of other things will be totally different.

These are just primitive drawings of what it'll be in the end.. not saying that it will be formulated into a definitive set at some point - just that we'll have a better idea of the rules later..

Looking really much forward


jaenz said...

Most importantly, how will single-manned hot air ballons with bombs and machineguns work?!

jaenz said...

On a more down-to-buisness note, good stuff, im looking forward to a spoiler on how to make cardboard rivets.
I am assuing the boat is half submerged?

Thorbjørn said...

Yes indeed half submerged. Have a look at American Civil War ironclads - they're great for inspiration.

I think my balloonparatroopers, will be equipped with a large needle. When they reach their destination they pop the balloon and fight!

Perhaps in both the bomb and paratrooper case, the balloon is equipped with a gasket that lets out a small amount of air constantly... Or a clockwork needle timer that will pop the balloons once they're over their target.