Jun 3, 2008

Epic Ork Boar Riderz

I'm beginning to feel an Epic feeling once again and I've decided to finish some of the projects I started 5 years ago...

This one is an entire company (or ork equivalent) of Boar Boyz. It is my hope to make a truly epic scenario of "the last glorious boar charge in the Jyllanix war" at some point.


jaenz said...

Charge of the ork brigade!

Stormbolter to the left of them,
Stormbolter to the right of them,
Stormbolter infront of them.
Volley'd and thunder'd
Storm'd at with shot and shell
Boldly they rode and well
Into the jaws of Death
Into the maws of Hell
Rode the Green Hundred.
(Orkfred Tennyson)

Thorbjørn said...

Hahahah! I was thinking more "the golden horde" though. But perhaps that's too obvious.

I rummaged through my epic stuff too... and doubled the amount of boarz compared to that picture!

I found 15 squiggoths too.. It would cost £150 to buy them today! The price is insane!