May 25, 2008

Warmaster Chaos

The Warriors of Thorgal - A Warmaster Chaos Army

As with many of my other smallscale miniatures this army has been "furniture varnished".
The detail of individual stands is not great, but as a whole it works satisfyingly I think.


jaenz said...

You should play against my elves again. I have gotten hold of a heap of loaded dice. I will use them when we play the game. The fact that they will roll only to my favour will reflect the power of Teclis divinations and the fickle nature of chaos. Also, chaos warriors are damn hard =)

Thorbjørn said...

Good thing I have miniatures enough to make a marauder army then. That could be quite interesting I think.

Anonymous said...

Great looking army! But i wonder..are the marauders from Pendraken? I kind of regonize the barbarians on foot but not the horsemen..are they converted?
Thanks for sharing!